About me

My name is Emily, and I’m totally in love with Dorset.

I live in Poole and I run Socially Dorset, a social media and digital comms consultancy.

I grew up in Upwey and went to school in Broadwey. I moved to Milborne St Andrew and then Puddletown, whilst attending sixth form in Dorchester. Then I went to university in Scotland and lived in many big cities. But I never forgot village life, my love of the countryside, and the soul-soothing pull of the sea.

I used to be a journalist for a lot of titles (including the Dorset Echo) but now I work in social and digital, and I’ve been lucky enough to work for some of Dorset’s most famous brands and beautiful places: the RNLI, Dorset Tea, Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens and Dorset County Show.

I’m happiest when gadding about in the fresh air, drinking in the stunning views and meeting other people who love Dorset as much as me.

I’m always up for making new friends and getting new followers on Facebook and Twitter, so I hope to see you there!

You can also follow my posts on Google Plus.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Emily, Found your blog very inspiring and lovely photography. Really must get out more!
    Excuse my ignorance but how do I follow/keep up to date with your latest posts? I don’t do Twitter or FB.
    Thanks, Julie Musk (Editor/Publisher, Roving Press)

  2. I Have been trying to make contact with Whatcombe House in Winter bourne, in the 50.s it was a school for malajusted children, I being one of them ,It was a time in my life that I hold dear,I hope you can put me in touch with the onwers ,regards David

  3. Your photos are fantastic. I live in Dorset and they really capture the place, great photographic quality too.

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