Skinny dipping at Studland

Jean Pierre gave permission for this photo be used

I ALWAYS joke to house guests that the local nudist beach is a must-see Dorset landmark. But only one person has ever taken me up on it.

So it came to pass that Jean-Pierre* and I jumped into the car with the dogs, took the ferry to Studland and headed for Studland Beach.

First we stumbled upon Studland Heath, which was clearly NOT the place to put on our birthday suits. Luckily, the National Trust is very good at signposting, which saves the blushes of both the nudies and the prudies. 

If you’re searching for a quiet beach in Dorset with white sands and cerulean blue sea: it’s all here at Studland. No crowds, no noise. Just the sea breeze blowing in your bits and bobs (really rather pleasant). 

It’s quite a hike from the roadside parking to the beach. Flip-flops are not recommended for this sometimes stony terrain. But the views, stretching out across heathlands pulsating with bright heather, are stunning. 

And with Old Harry Rocks standing proud in the near distance, it’s easy to see why this is England’s most popular naturist beach. 

Nudity is optional: some keep their kit on, others, like us, have gleefully stripped off and are playing tennis, jogging, and soaking up the sun in the sand dunes. Trying to catch one of the dogs, a stark naked Jean-Pierre finds himself prancing and frolicing in front of three fully-dressed women. I’m standing in the warm blue sea, naked as the day I was born, laughing my head off. 

It feels very liberating and tranquil here and I know I’ll be back soon. I can’t think of a better place to do a mindfulness meditation… With or without my clothes on.

*not his real name


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