Sunshine at Sandbanks

WINTER is over! Warm caresses hang in the air. Things unfurl, unfold, stretching and blinking in warm sunshine.

Turning down a footpath, the sea’s sudden glare hits us like a holiday: a twinkling vastness. The light behaves differently today. Not weak or watery, but radiant, full of promise. 


I’ve not felt beauty like this for months. Drinking it in, I walk slowly, feeling fine sand shifting beneath my feet. Watching wavelets foam and fizzle. Swaying to the tide’s gentle moan and boom. Gazing at shells in mute gratitude, and wonder. 

‘Lovely morning,’ says a dog walker. I’m properly chilled out, cross-legged in the dunes with a coffee from Beach Cafe.

Even when clouds scud past, it’s still warm. Not quite t-shirt weather, and the sand sits cold beneath our bums, but I reckon we could tan, if we sat here long enough.  


The dogs are thirsty and panting after barrelling about. Bindy’s happy to watch the world go by. Panda barks and dances. We think about clipping their winter coats.


This is the best walk I’ve ever had at Sandbanks: it’s utterly lovely. Goodbye, February: hello, Spring. Here’s to camping, and skinny dipping, and maybe the odd cider. 


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