Mysterious shoe of West Bay


WHAT’S black, made of faux suede, has one stiletto spike, five slender straps and small metal buckles? The mysterious shoe of West Bay.

It sits on a boat named New Moon, which is wintering at the front of Bridport Harbour. I’ve lived in West Bay since September, and soon clocked the mysterious shoe on my forays round the mini-resort. I take snaps of it whenever I can.


Evening rendezvous, en route to the local pub, or early morning dog walk, the shoe is always there. So constant and sinister, it excites my imagination.


Whose is it? Why is it there? Where is its partner shoe? What’s happened to the owner? Did she drown? Did someone steal her shoe? Did she throw at a lover, in a rage? Sometimes the shoe is flung at an awkward angle, as if the wearer’s ankle may have been hurt as they parted.

I don’t think the shoe belonged to a cross-dressing man. For one thing, it’s too small, and not a wide fit.

It’s a size seven left shoe from New Look (I know this from the Your Feet Look Gorgeous inscription which comes on all shoes from that outlet).


It has a platform and a peep toe – tarty, rather than elegant.


Sometimes it’s lying on its side, sometimes it’s standing proud and upright. Sometimes it’s on the ground or under the boat, but more often it’s to be found in different positions on the front of the boat, as if other curious passers-by have also picked it up for a closer look.


It’s edged with rust and looks like it’s had a proper soaking, but it’s hard to decide if the shoe’s been soaked by the sea, or battered with driving rain. It’s dusted with sand particles.

There’s a small zip up the inner side – presumably this is how the wearer gets the shoe on and off her foot, rather than fiddling with the five buckles.




The heel and the sole are in quite good nick – this shoe has not seen many dance floors, or gravel drives.

But I’m desperate to know what it has seen. Any ideas?



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